How You Care Sun Damaged Skin

Sun Damaged Skin

Sun damaged skin Most often do not use sun block or cream when they go out of the house, which can prevent skin from hazardous rays. Thus the sun’s hazardous rays succeed in spoiling and staining the skin. Below is a powder being told. Which will save the skin from the rays of sunlight, but if it is burnt with the sun soon then it will fix it too.The best ingredient of this remedy is Turmeric powder and Powder Milk. Fresh raw milk can be used in place of Powder Milk. Apply this daily on burned skin.

Or use this mask atleast twice a weak to protect yourself from Skin Damage From Sun. sunblock or cream which could prevent them from ultraviolet radiations of sun. These rays damage the skin and spots appear on the sun damaged skin. The powder mentioned below will not only protect the skin from ultraviolet rays but if it is already burned it will restore the skin.

Skin Damage From Sun:

INGREDIENTS for Sun Damaged Skin

Husn e Yousuf  one tea spoon

Sun Damaged Skin

Rice flour  3 tea spoon

Dry milk powder  2 tea spoon

Sandal powder  2 tea spoon

Turmeric  2 pinch

Skin Damage From Sun:


Mix all the ingredients. Add water to make a paste. Apply it on your face.


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